How to Plant in Planter Boxes in Terraria


Welcome to the world of Terraria! Are you looking to spruce up your base or garden with some lovely plants? Planting in planter boxes is a great way of adding some green to your Terraria world and making it feel more alive. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of planting in planter boxes in Terraria and share some tips and tricks to ensure that your plants thrive.


1. First, you need to craft planter boxes. They can be crafted using wood at a workbench or wood platform.

2. Choose the seeds that you want to plant in your planter boxes. You can acquire seeds by harvesting plants or by purchasing them from the Dryad NPC.

3. Use a hoe to till the soil in the planter box to make it ready for planting.

4. Select the seeds in your inventory and hover your cursor over the planter box. This will show you a preview of the plant that will be grown.

5. Left-click on the planter box to plant the seed.

6. Water the planter box using a bucket. You can obtain water by standing near a body of water and using a bucket.

7. Make sure that the planter box is in an area that receives enough light. Plants need light to grow, and Terraria has a day and night cycle.

8. To ensure that the plant doesn’t die, remember to check on its water level regularly. You can hover your cursor over the planter box to know if it requires watering.

9. Fertilize the planter box. Fertilizing is an optional step, but it can help your plants grow faster. You can use an assortment of organic materials like mushroom grass seeds, rotten chunks, and more.

10. Wait for the plant to grow. The time required for the plants to grow varies, ranging from a few in-game days to a full season.

11. Once the plant has matured, you can harvest it by left-clicking on it. This will add the item to your inventory.

12. Continue watering the planter box to keep the growing cycle going. You can plant new seeds once you harvest the plant.

13. Planter boxes can hold single tile-placed objects, which means you have the option of using decorative blocks in your planters.

14. You can also use different dyes, glows, and paints to make your planters stand out.

15. Enjoy your beautiful plants and continue experimenting with different plant combinations in your planter boxes.

Explanations and Tips

1. Great plant combinations include Dayblooms, Moonglows, Blinkroots, Deathweeds, and Waterleafs.

2. You can make a farm of planter boxes to make a quick harvest. Divide the boxes into sections with different seed types.

3. Some seeds require different conditions than others. Use the wiki to research each seed’s unique properties.

4. Planter boxes can be easily placed and moved, so feel free to redesign your base as much as you like.

5. Place your planter boxes in beautiful spots that are easily accessible to both you and your friends.

6. Plant herbs for a quick and easy supply of health potions.

7. For a more natural feel, plant various trees in your planters.

8. Some plants are decorative and cannot be harvested. Plant them to brighten up your base and give it a natural look.

In conclusion, planting in planter boxes in Terraria is a fun and exciting way of adding some life to your base. With these steps, explanations, and tips, you’ll be able to plant and harvest your plants effortlessly. So get out there, gather your seeds, and start planting!

Strengths: How to Plant in Planter Boxes in Terraria


Planter boxes in Terraria offer a unique advantage when it comes to making your garden. These advantages include:

Advantages Explanation
Space-saving Planter boxes take up smaller spaces compared to traditional gardening methods.
Easy to maintain With planter boxes, weeds and pests are easy to remove, and water is efficiently distributed.
Versatile From saplings to flowers, planter boxes make it possible to plant various plants that suit your preference.


When planting in planter boxes in Terraria, these strengths come in handy:

  • Easy to move: Planter boxes can be placed anywhere you want them, and you can change their position with ease.
  • Can be built easily: If you have the necessary equipment, you can make your planter boxes, and you don’t have to buy them.
  • Drainage: Planter boxes have holes underneath, which ensure proper drainage of excess water.

Weaknesses: How to Plant in Planter Boxes in Terraria


While planter boxes offer several strengths, they also come with some disadvantages:

Disadvantages Explanation
Decreased soil volume Due to their size, planter boxes tend to have less soil volume, which affects how much water and nutrients plants get.
Prone to drying out quickly Planter boxes have a compact soil structure that causes the soil to dry out quickly.
Expensive The cost of buying planter boxes can be higher than that of buying traditional gardening equipment.


When planting in planter boxes in Terraria, these weaknesses can pose some challenges:

  • Plant restrictions: Some plants may require more soil volume than planter boxes offer, limiting your plant options.
  • Overwatering: Overwatering can happen easily, which can result in root rot or damaged plants.
  • Vulnerable to pests and diseases: Insects and diseases can infect planter boxes, causing damage to plants and soil.


1. What are planter boxes in Terraria?

Planter boxes are decorative items in the game Terraria that can be used to plant various plants and crops.

2. How do I make planter boxes in Terraria?

You can craft planter boxes using 1 wood and 1 clay block at a workbench or any crafting station.

3. How do I place planter boxes in Terraria?

You can place planter boxes on any solid surface by left-clicking while holding them in your hand.

4. How do I plant seeds in planter boxes in Terraria?

To plant seeds in a planter box, simply left-click on the planter box with the seeds in your hand.

5. How many seeds can I plant in one planter box in Terraria?

You can plant up to 4 seeds of the same type in one planter box.

6. Can I plant different types of seeds in one planter box in Terraria?

No, you can only plant one type of seed in one planter box.

7. How do I water my plants in planter boxes in Terraria?

Plants in planter boxes automatically receive water from nearby blocks of water or rain. You don’t need to water them manually.

8. What plants can I grow in planter boxes in Terraria?

You can grow various plants in planter boxes in Terraria, including flowers, trees, and crops such as corn, pumpkins, and mushrooms.

9. Do planters need light in Terraria?

Yes, planters need sufficient light to grow. Make sure that they are placed in a well-lit area.

10. How long does it take for plants to grow in planter boxes in Terraria?

The growth time for plants depends on the type of plant. Some plants may take only a few minutes to grow, while others may take several in-game days.

11. Can I harvest my plants from planter boxes in Terraria?

Yes, you can harvest your plants from planter boxes by left-clicking on them with a tool such as an axe or pickaxe.

12. How do I move planter boxes in Terraria?

You can move planter boxes by breaking them with a tool such as a pickaxe, and then placing them elsewhere.

13. Do planter boxes have any special effects in Terraria?

No, planter boxes are purely decorative and functional items in Terraria.


In conclusion, planting in planter boxes is a great way to utilize the space in your Terraria world and add a touch of nature to your builds. With the right materials and approach, it can be a fun and rewarding experience to grow your own crops and decorate your surroundings.

One important thing to keep in mind is the placement and maintenance of the planter boxes. Make sure they are in a well-lit area and that you are regularly watering your crops. Additionally, be mindful of the items you are using to fertilize your plants, as some can have negative effects on the environment and other players in multiplayer settings.

Overall, planting in planter boxes is a valuable skill to have in your Terraria repertoire. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, this method of gardening can add an exciting dimension to your world-building and enhance the beauty of your creations. So grab your seeds and get planting!